The “Bl’awkward” Moment!


I am again finding myself in the same awkward moment!

I started blogging (tried to) in 2009, created three blogs (with much difficulties) with unique names and every time found myself trapped in the awkward moment when your own blog looks like a monster to you and you can not find enough words to communicate with your very own blog. It’s definitely not the writing skills, I have been a writer, and a good one in public opinion since 1999 and there are folks who started blogging taking a leaf out of my book and today their blog stats are like a Michael Jackson concert and the maximum I could ever get was only a four thousand some hundred views and that too in 3 years on one of my WordPress blogs I created with so much enthusiasm… I name the blog in a creative way, spend weeks on finalizing the themes and lay outs (one of the top most difficult things in starting a blog) , publish couple of posts, find myself overloaded with tons of ideas enough to for a whole new library but when for the third post I open up my dashboard, and poof! It feels like I am in stone age,have never ever been to any school, don’t know words and alphabets, and my fingers lay dead on the keypad.

My computer screen keeps wicked smiling at me, laughs at me, challenging me to stop staring at him and come over a “new post jittery” before the battery runs out, but I just keep sitting lost and stupid, the battery goes out, declaring the successful death of my yet another . very own blog.

But this time I am very much committed, I am telling you, I am serious, You can take this as my new year resolution (just a bit late for 2012) but still… its better late than never.. and you will see, I will keep coming back again and again, not with anymore new blogs, only with new posts.. The writer has to be man enough this time!

C Ya!


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