Insanity on FB

21st Century was supposed to bring advancements for humanity. It had to be a century of more refined, polished, civilized human being. So far it has been 12 years and we have seen advancements only in technology. Today we know less about our next door neighbour and more about the new cell phone to be launched in some other part of the world. Today, modern sciences and humanity are inversely proportional. Our individual and collective lives have become a live,classic demonstration of what Albert Einstein termed as ‘Insanity’,The endless repetition of the same experiments, in the hope of obtaining a different result! We daily get up as we are programmed to, go to jobs like robots, work like slaves, return to a place called home and sleep to get up the next morning. We eat, have family, raise kids, like animals. We are losing our aims, we have left human values far behind in chasing the desires, desires for power, for authority, for ruling over our own mankind for which we study advanced management. We are all trapped in a rut. We are a victim of our own daily routine, in a hope to yield better results for our quality of life, for our success, we continue doing the same things again and again and again for we don’t know the ways out. We have been programmed like this in our universities. Today we are individually abnormal and socially anomial. They say that insanity struck people can become dangerous to themselves or others around, perhaps they are pointing at us! Ain’t we a threat for each other? We have made streets of our cities an open asylum, without bars, without gates, all open. Gates were supposed to keep the insane separate from the sane, not required when all are dancing to the beats of . . . insanity!


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