Of Bathing and Motivation

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True that!

Great line from Zig Ziglar… has been a hit ! A Super-Hit!

Bathing & Motivation :

The relationship between bathing and motivation is strange… and funny too! The first ‘service’ we receive after birth is that we are given a bath , the lady who has just given birth is highly motivated about the newborn, and the guy next to her bed in labor-room is on de-motivational track because he will be paying all the bills! This begins the game of bathing and motivation, every time you do something with motivation , (work hard, sport, exercise, sex) the end result will be bathing, which will re-motivate you for doing a few more tasks with fresh motivation! Unless you are given the last bath of your life which no one is motivated for to receive…

The “Age of Bathing” :

Giving it a thought, I realised that bathing is not just one simple activity that we perform every morning before going to work, it is one important aspect of our lives that keeps all other aspects of our lives shiny. Its our ‘F5′ ,our day doesn’t start without a bath, (sometimes it ends too with a bath!) , we have taken bathing areas directly to our bedrooms (the attached baths), we pay attention to bathrooms while buying, designing, constructing a house as much as we pay to the bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms and kitchens, we make sure to use best available bathing fittings and fixtures and due to this utmost importance of bathing, these fittings,fixtures,and accessories, all have grown up to become one of the largest industries with world-famous brands in this arena. You are as conscious about the brand of your shower as much as you are about the drawing-room sofa! It’s all about lifestyle.People judge you today by observing your bathrooms… the sense of luxury has shifted from drawing-room to the bathing area! It’s the ‘Age of Bathing’!

The Bathing Patterns :

I conducted a small, informal sort of study in my social circle about their bathing patterns. This involved below few questions :

1 – How often do you bath? And in what time of the day…

2 – How much time do you spend on one bath?

3 – The average monthly spend on bathing products ? This includes soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body washes, towels, bath robes, loofah, and all other bathing related accessories, excluding toilet accessories.

4 – How do you feel about your current bathing space?

Initially, getting answers to all these was not easy as people did not feel much comfortable sharing their ‘private’ routines and for some it was fun. After much effort and time , the findings concluded :

 1 – 58% bath daily, 22% on alternate days, 13% give it a try twice a week and remaining 7% shower when ‘required’ (I did not probe this ‘When Required’ in detail) 63% of the people shower in the morning (mostly the working class), 16% in evening or at night (on returning from office or before going to bed), remaining 21% in the afternoon (majority of them housewives and students, and I got a lot of odd looks from ladies on this question who first thought it was for my imaginary pleasures, think being a 20 year college hottie or a 32 year married woman and a skinny nerd with dirty glasses and messy beard knocks the door to ask : ‘Mam! Any plans for a bath?’)

Sweetie! When you gona shower today?

2 – On an average, people spend 10-15 minutes in one shower.

3 – The average monthly spend on bathing accessories is around 6 to 9 % (excluding toilet accessories)

4 – 92% would love to improve their current bathing space, either by making it more spacious or by installing branded fittings and fixtures, so that their lifestyles can be improved. (As I said earlier). In addition, 68% were also aware of some relevant brands available in local/international market.

If bathing would last :

Now the second part of the survey . I asked them if the bathing was only a birth time ritual and they did not have to take it again for the whole life , how would they :

1 – Spend their time which they currently spend in the shower.

2 – Spend the amount they monthly spend on bathing accessories.

3 – Would they still be willing to improve the bathrooms which would only be toilet space?

The answers :

1 – 60% would prefer sleeping, 22% may use internet, (I would blog!), remaining in other chores.

2 – All of the people would distribute the amount in other domestic expenses.

3 – 70% will not bother!

A Non-Bathing World :

Everyone was on the same page about this, they thought that it may not be a big impact on individual’s life (coz the birth time bath was still ‘valid’), but

  1. It would cause a lot of damage to the economy as a result of shut down in the bathing industry.
  2. It would also hurt entertainment industry. Super models would have lesser products to sell.
  3. Leaving the film industry less spicy, since there would be no bathing scenes, and the director, producer, the female cast, all would have to work hard to get success and fame. (and money too!)


4 – Eventually, we would have only a few famous (female) celebrities! (Just Google and you will know what I mean)

If bathing was motivation :

1 – “I called you last night but you didn’t answer!” , ” sorry! I was in Motivation!”

2 – Replace all those scenes in the movies (which you have Googled after my tip above) with a motivational scene and you will know the importance and beauty of bathing!

If motivation was bathing :

1 – “I am so down! I wish someone could bath me!”

2 ” Keeping your current performance in mind, we are sending you for a bathing session at the Head Office with other 15 employees , where this famous bathing speaker (Zig Zigler) would train you guys on bathing issues and bathing tactics so that you can not only be self-shower, but can also bath your subordinates!”

Crazy enough for today??  . . . 🙂


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