FM Nostalgia

Memories are always super-sonic!

“Clack” , the old, rusty padlock greeted me with excitement as I forcefully twisted the only key available to access the abandoned house.

For a couple of moments, everything remained silent. I felt as someone with dark eyes was staring at me from the neem tree in the right corner of the now barren garden. It was after twenty years some one was going to enter the premises and disturb the peace of the darkness.

I pushed the doors, which have been jammed for 2 decades, and thus the loud protest from the hinges was much natural, as if they did not like me waking them up from the deep sleep. I was not welcomed, still I had to enter, enter the tunnel of time, which was going to take me to a magical trip.

As I entered the house, I could hear someone whispering “Why” in a very cold, complaining voice “Why are you here?! You shouldn’t be!” . The voice was not a stranger one, it was the house! My house! How could I forget the voice that had been talking to me for years, throughout my life, it was the voice of a friend, of a mentor, only sounding a bit older, still I could recognize that in a thousands of voices, thousands of sounds.

Dry leaves murmured as I stepped on them to enter the lounge through the corridor. It was dark but not darker than my inside. It was all sad and serene but making my soul stormy.

“You are coming late again” Suddenly the angry voice of my mom echoed.

“I got a flat tyre” defended my brother

“All of you kids don’t make noise” My sister shouted

The dog barked somewhere far away and kept barking.

“I have got an A in my finals” I was elevated

“Is any one going to tell me where the heck is my bike’s key????!” shouted my brother

“It’s a girl!” someone was very excited

“I love you !” I was nervous saying this

“Will you keep your promises?” I was asked

“I think it s over” I was told

“Life is hell!” my heart cried

“I am flying next month” cheered my brother

“Its far away!” my mother worried

“Duh! love sucks!” I told my heart

“Congrats you have got job!” the caller said

“We are going to get you married” my parents declared

“I ll move out the place is small” I shared concerns

“Mom is ill” sister called

“Just miss you” a few tears said.

“Just miss you” the walls whispered.

“Just miss you” the house cried.

“Just miss you”, “Just miss you”,”Just miss you”, “Just miss you”,”It’s a girl!” ,”I love you”,”Life is hell”, “I got a flat tyre”,”Will you keep your promise”, “Will you keep your promise”,”I love you”, “I love you”,”Will you keep”,”Love”,”Will you”,”ill”,”over”, “it’s over”,”miss you”

The sounds started going crazy, and overlapped , I got nervous and scared, turned back and ran. The tapping of my shoes also added to the rhythm of crazy echo and made the whole place more scary.

I got out of house. It was all silent again, only my heart’s palpitation.


2 thoughts on “FM Nostalgia

  1. Critique:
    * What the tile has to do with the blog?
    * Peace doesn’t go with darkness. Build a better sentence.
    * Use of phrase “magical trip” is not appealing. Think of something to make the reader think getting into a time machine going to past.
    * Voices do not get older. Do better.
    * “The voice was not strange” would be direct & simple.
    * “Hundreds of voices and thousands of sounds” woule be better.
    * Expand “it was all silent again” by addiing description to it to say. “sadion se khamosh”, word silent could also be replaced by a suitable alternative.

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