The Writer’s Journey

1990 – Started writing senseless, rhythmic verses

1992 – Got one little article published in a children mag.

1992 – 1998 – Kept receiving rejections and regret letters from different magazine’s editors on writing ‘below standard’ articles and stories.

1999 – Got first major break in a mag, the article got appreciation too!

1999 – 2004 – Fifty publications in various magazines.

2002 – 2004 – 3 Novels for teenagers, One poetry collection

2005 – Published 114 paged book, AmrZadgyan – humor and satire collection.

2009 – Started blogging. couldn’t do much

2010 – Started blogging again, failed again.

2012 – @Insanity – going good so far!

Since Urdu is my native language, all of the works mentioned above (excluding blogs) have been in the same, beautiful language. I now plan to occasionally post English versions of a few articles on this platform. Here is the first one.

My major work has been those countless love letters I have written to girls in my school/college/university but unfortunately those could not get the proper attention of ‘target audience’, failing in building required readership, I only took them as a good writing practice so that they could at least be fruitful in this manner!

My present and future writing plans are :

1 – Blog and Blog better day by day.

2 – Read and Read more day by day.

3 – I plan to write a few e-books.

4 – I want to be Freshly Pressed someday .

5 – And I want that someday when my daughters grow up and read any of their father’s works, they feels proud of their father!


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