Arid Days and Barren Nights

In simple words, they call it ‘Writer’s Block’ . . .

I started writing in 1992 when I was in grade two, it was an article about the invention of matchstick, the publication of this little article on matchstick lit the writing fire inside me and I continued sending my flames (pun intended) to different magazines . This continued for 1.5 decades till I got near finishing my university and started job hunt.

Due to professional engagements, I could not give enough time to my hobby and thus when started blogging in 2009, I found myself in “Bl’Awkward Moments” several times and could not live up to the blogging challenges till July 2012. There were ideas inside me which wanted to come out in shape of words and articles but always ended up in a chaotic state of mind ,unable to focus on one topic to finish it up and present to the world.

These Arid Days and Barren Nights were getting scary day by day till I figured out several ways to quickly get out of this block, though there is already a lot of stuff said and written about this very thing, I feel like sharing the tactics which are letting me come over the intellectual infertility. The best thing is these are cost-free and quick, result oriented :

1 – Keep going with the flow :

No matter how busy you may get, if the words are crawling in your mind like earthworms, do not postpone putting them in black and white. I paid a big price of committing this mistake and lost touch for 5 years! Never ever put a barrier in your creative paths.

2 – Read, Re-Read and Re-Write your old works :

This is something I regularly practice, go through your old works like a critic, ask yourself if you would have to write the particular piece again, how would you do that? What composition of the article would you go for? What would be the selection of words? Would you be making any better sentences?

Re-reading your own works actually triggers the brain cells which produced that work, once these cells are active, they may also gift you new creations. Its like rubbing stones to get fire.

3 – Do some Dusting :

Grab a broom or mop, whatever suits you, and start cleaning your house. This will act like clearing away the dust on your mind.

4 – The Laissez-faire  :

If you are writing particularly as a task, for example in response to a DPchallenge and you are not getting there, just leave your mind free, let it tell you what to write, write on your brain’s will no matter what the topic is, no matter how irrelevant it is. Once your brain has spewed out what it wanted to, now is time to drive it towards the particularities of your desired article. Don’t go at the idea very hard. Keep it soft and gentle.

5 – The Grass Effect :

Get your feet a touch of soft grass. A barefoot walk for 15 minutes in your lawn or outside park is really good in relaxing your mind for some more creativity.

6 – Play with your Kid :

Go play with your kid.. if you don’t have any … go try get some kid 😉

7 – Meditate :

Some small sessions of meditations, some recitation of your holy book can really be useful. Creativity needs cleanliness of the soul, which can only be achieved by increasing involvement in your religion. The purpose should only be to purify your soul and not putting the writing objective as your bottom line. Once purification starts, you will find everything in its proper place.

Looking forward towards knowing your tips for Arid Days and Barren Nights!


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