Myopic Eyes

I never wanted to wear glasses because I thought I would look like this :

from PTV program ‘Einak Wala Jin’

Plus at that time (1995), wearing glasses meant that you are not cool, you are a nerd, a book-worm, an alien, and all similar negatives were attached to this fashion accessory of today.

The damage poor spelling can do

I don’t remember when this problem started, I realized it when I was in sixth grade and could not find any words written on the blackboard, so I used to cheat from the girl in the front desk. Her spellings were even weaker than my eyes and increasing mistakes in my class work caused worries to my kind class teacher, when she inquired me and discovered what the real problem was. She asked me to go to optician immediately.

As I told, wearing glasses was not at all acceptable in my social circle at that time, I was already a feeble guy, I did not know how to play cricket, I was not into sports at all, I did not have Nintendo. I had health problems. My common sense sucked. My life was all about going to school, study hard to snatch the first position from my neighborhood girl who was my classfellow, so that my mother could feel proud over her mother and that’s all. I had no good feelings about myself. I only knew I was not cool as due to above reasons, peers at school used to make fun of me and I had no friends at all! With all these miseries, I never ever wanted to go for the last nail in my coffin, I knew that wearing glasses will kill me completely.

The Myopia kept growing worse day by day and when it started suffering my school badly and I realized it could damage my (mom’s) dream of securing first position, I decided to talk to my father . I think this was the first thing I ever asked my father!

This was not an easy task for me. I planned for many days, I was afraid of the strong reaction from my family on breaking this news to them (not because they were not going to get me glasses, I was afraid of the scolding my mother and sisters would give me on reading novels and story books every time without proper light and blah). I was scared that my only activity, ie reading, would also be banned by them.

One morning, when I was all set for the school. I went to the wash basin where my father was brushing his teeth with routine enthusiasm, (reason for choosing this ‘perfect’ setting was : A – I did not want to face music staying home after breaking this news . B – I did not want my father to react immediately so the best time was when the brush was in his mouth). I murmured in a voice only I could hear that my teacher says my eyes are weak and I need to have a pair of glasses at once. Putting all the blame on my teacher (like its only her idea and in reality there is no such thing), I rocketed out of house and prayed that school was double shift that day!

Eye Chart

How I was taken for eye examination is a different story, when we entered the optician, I memorized all the alphabets in sequence on the chart, in order to fool the optician so that my vision can be declared perfect, but Alas! He asked randomly!

Result was a number of minus four, both eyes!

It was new year (1st Jan 1996) when I got my first pair of glasses, since then these have been a part of my personality, recent trends in fashion industry and technological advancements in eye care have made this accessory/necessity a costly one. My most recent pair costs about 20% of my monthly income!

In all these years, I have realized that Myopia is nothing to feel ashamed of. There are not only people, but nations and countries too, who are suffering with short sightedness, failing to visualize the broader picture, failing to look beyond their selfish interests, failing to see a clear path of humanity!All we need today is a pair of these glasses, so that we don’t look at the world and the people with our eyes of hatred, with our visions of differences.

All we need today . . .

All we need today, is to add colors, to our lives, and to the world around us!


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