The Infinite Insanity

I have recently been giving myself a lot of “me time” for the sake of improvising a few aspects of my life, (the life which is unexamined is not worth living| Socrates) and I figured out that my very own life has just become a classy example of Albert Einstein’s theory of insanity!(The endless repetition of the same experiments, in the hope of obtaining a different result)

I was very much surprised in finding out this fact as I have always been a mercurial and change oriented person who would never ever continue on a same pattern and in a same manner in any walk of life. Appearing to be very edgy and un focussed person for others but this has been the dynamism of my life 2 years back ( changing the walk of life is different and changing the WAY you walk the walk of life is different and I have always done the second one).

Having found the “insanity” thing, I wanted to know the factors that had triggered this “insanity” so that I could easily eliminate them, making sure the restoration of my old jazzy nature, I started evaluating and comparing my life patterns (0-25) vs (25 – present) and another surprise came my way that I was alienating. Alienating from my core-self, which happened to be a writer and an actor, ending up as just a goal oriented (rather insanity oriented as in Luce Irigaray ‘s words,”Every desire has a relation to madness“), mid-level professional, which is not a real me. Someone imposed on my core self by the socially stratified society, by the rank oriented educational system, and by the “Branded” world which forces you to develop into a hi fi , non human, glamorous tag.

I noticed that this estrangement/alienation | Marxis because of some truth, the truth that resides in the world around us| Aristotle and the truth is, as highlighted by Rousseau, Man was born free yet everywhere he is in chains!

The chain can be anything pulling one’s core self apart from one’s self, they can be in the form of office norms, civic laws, society and culture, anything in the neighbourhood or in the form of New World Order/ War on Terrorism/ Global Terrorism as the chains have only increased directly proportional to the global village society (What a visionary Socrates was when he said I am a Citizen of the World)

To study the chains that have held me back, I first gave a look at the city from the rooftop of my office building and got these evidences that the whole society is alienating and obsessed with insanity:

This is just a bird’s-eye view of one side of the city Karachi, where man has only evolved in bricks and mortar systematic structures of corporate hierarchies which have alienated him from the sensible humanity itself.. ….

(End of Part One)


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