Letter to The Followers

Greetings… My Dear Readers, and Followers!

I am writing this letter to you sitting on the same seat in the same spot of my apartment from where I make all postings to my blog, Abida is in Kitchen for dinner and Mizhgan is asleep. It has been a slow day followed by a silent, strange eve, now evolving into a night of dark moments, whispering sadness in the ear of time!

I am thankful to you on following my blog, on liking my posts!It has only been a short time we have known each other, and what an interesting ‘knowing-each-other’ this is! We come from different nations, different backgrounds, with different ideologies and different sets of likes and dislikes, yet we are so alike that the relationship between us is as strong as a family. You don’t see my face, I don’t get to get a glimpse of you, still we have ‘feel’ of each other in our lives, through our laptop screens, inbox messages , and through the notification alert tone of our cell phones. How close we are to each other, being physically miles miles apart!

This is the beauty of social media, rather … The ‘People’ Media, this very blogosphere! We share our deep down thoughts with each other, what actually lies underneath, the core of us! Be it an adventure journal from USA or a photographer’s portfolio from India, a geek’s diary from China or a simple every day log of a house maker in Australia, we all share one single thing with each other, the humanity! The bond that has kept us together so far! It is the humanity which has taught us all norms and rituals of blogosphere, that we know each other’s ethical boundaries, we never try to humiliate each other on our blog pages if any difference in opinion is there, we respect each others ideas, each others stories, each others personal lives, daily routines, and experiences. If we don’t get moved by anything shared with us by any fellow citizen of the blogosphere, we simply opt to ‘not’ hit the like button. That’s it! We don’t declare a war on them! Did we learn these civic norms of blogosphere in our high schools or universities? No we didn’t. These have been there by ‘default’! What a beautiful culture!

On the contrary, we are living in a world which is so volatile, we are on the verge of massive destructions that could bring back stone age to the earth. We have seen many wars in just past two decades. Nations have been killed and millions have been massacred. Just to restore peace in the world which is still at large! In our lives outside the blogosphere, we are so impatient, so greedy, and so hostile that we have made our fellow citizen run for his life, for his rights. We can’t have two faces, either we are cheating on blogosphere by acting so nice and polite to each other or the person on the street with arms in hand is a fake.

As I said earlier, the culture of blogosphere is of peace, harmony, respect and sharing. It’s about valuing each other.  You value my blog, that s why you read it, you follow it, and I value your blog, that s why I read it, I like it, I follow it! If we fail to value each other, we may not grow our readership, our community, our society.It’s about the fact of ‘interdependency’. I don’t think we look at each others religious or ethnic tags before following and liking each others posts. There are Jews following Muslim bloggers, Muslims following Christian bloggers, and so on. There are Indian readers following Pakistani bloggers, there are Iranian readers following U.S. bloggers and so on. This means that the problem is not with any religion, any ethnicity, any nationality at all. The problem is with ourselves, as an individual . As a single citizen of the world. Peace, harmony, to share, to value, to respect, all these are clichés for us, and not anywhere in our ‘To-Do’ lists. Its we who are self-centric, not thinking ‘like-a-mountain‘ in the words of ‘Aldo-Leopold’.

Tell me, how many of us, when making new year resolution every year, keep promoting peace and harmony as one of the resolutions? How many of us feel guilty on hurting loved ones and decide to bring back in our lives those who mattered most to us just a few rifts ago? How many of us actually make efforts and think of ways to make their neighborhood , their city, a much secure, peaceful place for all of the citizens? How many of us pass a resolution to respect every person they meet regardless of ranks and grades and belonging differences? We don’t even train ourselves to smile to each other and have made this only a part of customer services job in the same way as we made social responsibility a corporate jargon and forgot about it! How about celebrating 2013 as a year of smiles, a year of sharing?

The world will not be made better by any organization, or by any country. It will be done by us, the people on blogosphere. We know that society is a social contract, it is always a give and take. When we hit ‘like’ button on a blog post, we know that the person will also pay us a visit and may also like one of our posts too, may even ‘Reblog’ to share with others, what we are giving away is actually coming back to us and we have to learn this simple rule to make this world better.  We have to bring the culture of blogosphere to reality and implement as new world order if we want to leave a livable world for our coming generations, else the persona we carry to this blogosphere is fake and it is useless to continue the activity!

Let us follow each other in promoting peace, let us teach ourselves to value and respect. Let us join hands in making this world as lovely and friendly as this blogosphere. To do so, we will have to continue writing love and harmony, we have to send positive vibes to others around us, so that in return we also get positive energy from them. Let us celebrate years of smile, years of sharing from now on till the end of times.

Best Regards,

Ali Raza.


4 thoughts on “Letter to The Followers

  1. Here I am, sitting in LA, reading in the paper about people rioting because of some bigoted trailer on YouTube, of Israel wanting to bomb Iran, of China and Japan sparring over a forsaken rock in the ocean, of two men vying to “rule” the “mightiest democracy on earth” but you are right, what it all boils down to is us. I read posts, like you, from all over the world, myriad backgrounds and I am transported to locales I am not familar with, or to ways of thinking that might challenge mine or just open my eyes to other lives. And then the rest doesn’t really matter, your religion, your ethnicity, your age, your sex – all those definers that we always keep in check, politically correct to a fault but that, deep down, color so many people’s way of thinking. It starts with each of us, wherever we are, to practice in everyday life what we seem so good at practicing on the web (although a couple of sickos did take the time to leave offensive comments on my blog). Thank you for this beautiful post.

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