In order to enjoy the mood of the blog-post at its fullest,

replace the word “donkey” with its synonym “ass when suggested!


Ever wondered y God made donkeys [yeah, replace 🙂 ]? [Or you are just simply satisfied living your life the way it is? ]

Simmmple…. God made donkeys, in fact HE CREATED donkeys (because its someone else who makes a(n) donkey [yeah yeah, replace replace 😀 out of you]!Anyways, cutting it,(all) donkeys were created/made (whichever suits you) to do all the donkey work!

I know that this is not new for you [ by “this” I don’t mean to say donkey work], its something all of you have known since your birth [i-e seeing donkeys all around doing the donkey work], so is it just a blog-post for the sake of blogging?? YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT! Let us now deeply dive into donkeys [DOONNNNTTTTTTT…

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