Though these scorching rays of sun tease my heart more as they burn the life of this “could have been Bey-nazir/Diana” and I also shamelessly admit that she will continue with this pattern of life as her mother and her mother did and years after only the face will change into her daughter’s and the posture, the heat and the labour will remain the same while my daughter and her daughter will be studying in the bestest possible institutions and (ideally as I desire) will marry the apple-of-the-eye son of a bureaucrat who will be snobbishly living in a house made of the bricks produced by this girl by mixing her childhood, innocence, dreams and hopes with the clay,and every brick formed with this formula hits us in the face…  I still say… Yes I support the Child Labour!

Because :

  • Around 90% of certain family’s incomes come from these types of child labour.

  • Typically…

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