The lost ‘W’

Winds of memories touched my soul when I just put this WordPress ‘W’ as my blog’s background image!

Of all the alphabets, I think I got straightaway familiar with ‘W’ when my schooling started. It was much easier to remember as it was an ‘M’ upside down and I started putting every alphabet upside down to see what more pairs could be learnt this way. Not only this, ‘W’ appealed to me because of words that started with it, like Water’ , ‘World’ (this ‘Word’ , “World” always fascinated me) , ‘Walnut’, ‘Whale’ etc. I always felt that things starting with ‘W’ always had some sort of personality of their own (think of ‘White House’, ‘Wimbledon’,’Washington’ and you will understand where I am coming from)  as compared to other alphabets which were just support characters in my opinion. ‘W’ was the king because ‘World’ began with ‘W’ , the ‘World’ which had ‘White House’!

And when I learned about Kipling’s honest serving men, the importance of ‘W’ grew many folds in my eyes.

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

As I grew up a bit, ‘W’ also came along and grabbed an important place in my life, in every kid’s life, in the form of two legendary logos you can not think of your childhood without :

One Great W!

The ‘Warner’ W! and Bugs Bunny’s ‘Wat’s up doc!’ are ‘Ws‘ I still cherish as much as I cherish : –

Another Great ‘W’

The ‘Walt’ W! , the problem with good memories is you can not put your finger on a single one to name the best, each one is so beautiful and larger than life just like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ , which only strengthened my bonds with ‘W

The Wizard of ‘W’

‘W’ remained the same as I kept growing, only it kept coming to me with different ‘words’ , each of which was a whole universe, just like ‘Wafers’

The Taste of ‘W’

The ‘Wafers’ which ‘We'(one of the most beautiful words with ‘W’ is ‘We’, the most concise message of love, peace and harmony, The ‘We’!) used to buy from local area ‘Wholesaler’ , I always loved orange and strawberry flavored. ‘We’ used to go to the market every ‘Weekend’ where our father would buy us (me and my 4 year elder sis) biscuits, and ‘Wafers’ . ‘W‘ was making our childhood delicious!!

If ‘W’ would bring us ‘Waves’ of heat in summer months, ‘Winter’ was also its present, when ‘We’ would sit in quilts provided by ammi (mother) and tell ‘Wonderful’ stories to each other like the story of 12 old brothers who were actually the 12 months of years or the tale of a town where dwarfs lived with a cute princess. . . etc

‘W’ and I became such close friends that it gave me an identity and made me a ‘Writer’ at an early age. I kept writing and my relationship with ‘W’ kept growing till it took me to ‘Woman’ . . .

The ‘Woes’ of ‘W’

and I realized ‘W‘ has got ‘Worries’ , ‘W’ has got ‘Woes’ too!

This new face of ‘W‘ was very harsh and shocking! I could never imagine my childhood friend would bring me woes and worries, I wanted ‘W‘ to be the same as was in ‘Warner’, ‘Walt’ and ‘Wafers’ but could not find any ‘Way’ , and ‘W’ kept going ‘Worse’ , and bought me new ‘worries’ like ‘Wealth’ . Now the ‘World’ was not a bed of roses for me, my dreams were shattered, I learned that I had to earn, in order to gain ‘Worth’ in the eyes of that version of ‘World’ which was never ever in my dreams. I tried to give a last look to my old pal ‘W’ , may be its harsh attitude ‘Weakens’ and it would bring me ‘Wafers’ from the ‘World of Oz’ but in vain, ‘Wetness’ in my eyes blurred the whole picture and ‘W’ faded away, I could hardly see, and when I ‘Wiped’ my eyes, it was all gone.

I painfully put my broken pieces together, started wandering here and there in search of a ‘Way’ back to life. People come and go and ‘W’ was only an alphabet, no big deal! I kept walking, sometimes the pieces of trust and memories broken by ‘W’ injured my bare feet but I did not stop. On my way to maturity, I also found last two gifts ‘W‘ had left for me, ‘Wedding’ and my ‘Wife’ as a breather so that I don’t choke to death, I made this ‘WordPress’ blog another exhaust outlet and saw my long-lost pal, ‘W‘ over here again.

For a few centuries that passed in couple of minutes, we kept staring at each other . I had so many complains in my eyes . . . I asked why he left in such a bad manner and did all the harsh stuff to me, not even considering childhood relationship.

‘I wanted to give you one more gift, which is called . . ‘

I was all ears

‘ . . . Wisdom’!!! was the answer!


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