Happy Birthday to Me

Tada! The date has changed and I have proudly entered a new year of my life. . .  Happy Happy Birthday to mee!

I am sitting in the back-side room (We call this ‘Red Room’ coz of red color dominantly in the decor) of this 4th floor apartment, enjoying the calm and quiet feel of August rain with a hot cup of passion-fruit flavored black tea, which will be followed by another hot cup of passion-fruit flavored black tea as I want to enjoy every sip of this first day of my new year of life while writing this blog post.

I am very excited on turning 29! I have been waiting for this particular year to start as this seems to be one important year in my life (Why, is a different story), plus, this is taking me towards the start of 4th decade of my age soon. Ten important years before you start getting old. Ten years that mainly define and shape up your life and can let you achieve bigger dreams and material comfort for you and for your family. You would like to make the most out of this particular decade because in the years afterwards, you can not afford to have debt, physical fatigue and mental stress to a large extent. If you have to have a settled life for your kids, spouse and your own self, you have to have or at least have to shape in this very decade…  you have to have hold of each year and each moment in each year of this span of time and can not afford to fritter away like you did in previous years, from peeing in pants to adolescent woes and from high school crush to settling down with spouse… now its time to deal with life more practically, rationally, and more positively!

I am not gona write a to do list for the years, every one out there has some sort of financial worries, a few family problems, is under weight or overweight, is not happy with the current job or just want a better job for the sake of it, has got plenty of things to buy or achieve, go on world tour, buy his own house, get a new car and so do I. I am no different from a normal ‘near 30’  married individual out there. I just want to see some interesting years , interesting to the extent of craziness, funny enough that don’t dry up your life while you are seriously after your big goals! Positive and Peaceful years , friendly years that could give your life a life !

In next ten years :

Beauty at its Best ! There would be more beautiful girls around , due to older ones getting out of sight, and todays teens turning 20s! todays 30s turning 40s and going for advanced cosmetic surgeries, and implants.

Fashion of the Future : With day by day increasing global warming, it seems difficult to keep people in cloths by 2022, only hopes are with Climatic re-engineering which can help keep the earth a family place rather than a 18+ !

From TopLess to SkinLess : Oh Plastination! Plastination would become funnier, with lots of famous celebrities getting plastinated. ( My celeb list is ready). This can also be a crazy revenge from any enemy. Plastinate them in a really weird posture and ….. well!

More Mobile Lifestyle : Due to exploding population and dwelling problems in large cities, notion of keeping a fixed property/ place to live will be discouraged (also because of demand supply patterns and household income) . There would remain no postal addresses, zip codes. Every person will have one dedicated IP address and will be reached through at!

A Mad Mad Mad Mad World : What else do you expect in a world full of DNA alterations, Human cloning, Cell engineering, Supreme Men’s Health and Extreme Women’s beauty, Routine Robotics, and mind-control tactics by just a wink of an eye?

Sounds really crazy enough!

Looking forward to it!

And if it turns out to be too crazy to handle, I would travel back to this room through time machine and again sip my first day of life’s new year with a hot cup of passion fruit flavored black tea. . . .






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