Things to do when you are jobless

The is actually a 2010 post from my ex-wordpress blog, which still can be useful for a number of candidates out there

I have recently been observing the impact of recession on fresh candidate’s mindset when they appear in an interview. Plus a couple of groups of students from good universities have also come to me anxiously searching for jobs.

The recent industrial scenario is something that we individualy can not change. What we can do is improve our chances of getting picked and I would suggest do it the below way :

>Be Flexible : Those Branded Booming years when you were in your majors were really excited enough for making you dream of an ideal job with lavish perks and pay as a kings’ ransom. Coming to market now with an aim of 30Ks plus is not a smart idea no matter how good MBA you posses. Industry is still offering openings but You have to be flexible enough to accept the packages being offered.

>Don’t loose your value : Being flexible does not mean you pick to work for peanuts too. As one student from a private business school completely messed up when she asked for 6000 Rs. only! As a result, putting a big question mark on the quality of her degree too. If you have an offer of 15-20 Ks as an initial pay, go get it.

>Stay update: Knowledge is the only USP that sells you today in any industry.

>Keep your options open : Again, you should know how you can make your way in any industry with the particular degree you have. What jobs you can aim at and which companies can offer such and how you can make your way towards achieving your career goals.

>Go for internships/ part time jobs : Its better to keep doing something to beef up your experience profile.

>Freelancing : Conduct your SWOT. Look where you stand and what you are good at. Market your Freelance services to companies that you may find your potential “customers” .

>Acknowledge : After you have completed your internship/ part time project. Don t forget to send a nicely crafted letter to your boss (CC : HR), thanking them for providing you the opportunity that has enhanced your skills and learning and that you would love to be a permanent part of the organization if provided a chance.

>Get yourself a Mentor : Try to get associated with a person in your family/ social circle who can frankly contribute to your knowledge by sharing his experiences. This does not mean to be in structured class sessions, just staying/ interacting on any issue on the earth with certain type of guy will teach you a lot of things. It will broaden your visions and horizons, which will speak up for you in your interviews.

Any more tips/suggestions/questions. . . please ask.

Best of Luck!


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